GamerzPlaza.com runs skill-based video game tournaments and head-to-head matches for cash prizes. All major consoles, pc, and mobile devices supported as well as most popular skill-base video games 

Yes, we do everything possible to ensure that our website is secured and our customers are safe. Our system is protected behind an industrial strength firewall. All sensitive data is transmitted through high-grade 256-bit encryption to protect against interception. All of our financial transactions are handled by PayPal and Stripe, the leaders in secure online payment systems.

GamerzPlaza.com is 100% free to sign up and there are no monthly subscription charges.

Because the games that are being played for cash prizes are games of skill and not games of chance, it is legal. However, there are 5 states within the United States where the participation in skill-based video game tournaments for cash prizes is considered illegal. If you live in the following states, you may not play for cash prizes on GamerzPlaza.com.  Arizona, Iowa and Louisiana.

GamerzPlaza.com works as a secured third party for online gamers to set up head-to-head tournaments. Once a tournament has been accepted by both members, money from both accounts is automatically deposited into our secure escrow account. After the online game has been played, the results have been reported and verified by each player, the winner’s account will automatically be credited.

If you can play a head-to-head match online and it is a game of skill, not chance, then we support it. A list of all our available games can be found under choose a platform section on the homepage. We are also always open to suggestions. If you don’t see a game that you want to play listed, simply contact us and we will add it for you.

GamerzPlaza.com supports the following systems: Xbox1, PS4, PC, Xbox 360 and PS3

Under no circumstance do we charge a card or Paypal account without consent.

Head-to-head matches for less than $3 have a flat 50 cent service fee, head-to-head matches with entries between $3.01 and $7 have a $1 service fee, and there is a 14% service fee for head-to-head matches played above $7. All multiplayer console and PC tournaments have set entries and set prizes. Service fees help the site operate smoothly and offer big money tournaments, bonuses, and other rewards.

You must be 18 or older to become a GamerzPlaza.com member.


This typically occurs because the information on your GamerzPlaza.com account does not match the information linked to the card. For any transaction that does not go through the hold generally lasts 24-72 hours and when the hold is released the funds will be added back to your cards balance.

We accept most pre-paid VISA and Mastercards.

It can happen for any number of reasons that vary from not having enough money on the card, the card having restrictions that result in the attempted deposit not going through, issues with the internet provider, the computers fire wall settings etc.

We welcome members from all over the world to participate in our video game skill tournaments. All transactions for GamerzPlaza.com are in U.S. dollars. PayPal, our primary payment processor, will automatically convert your deposit in U.S. dollars to your native currency, deducting the proper amount from your credit card or PayPal account. If you have any questions please contact GamerzPlaza4@gmail.com.


GamerzPlaza.com can process withdraws via direct deposit into your PayPal account or for residents of the U.S. or Canada, a check can be sent. 

There is a $3 Transaction Processing Fee on all Paypal withdraws and a $24.95 Transaction Processing Fee on all Overnight Check withdraws. Withdraws can be requested on the Cashier page. 

All regular withdraws are processed within 7 business days.
Express withdraws will arrive within 1 business day.
Same Day Withdraws will arrive within 4-6 hours but typically under an hour.

Express withdraws happen fast, real fast!We process express withdraws via PayPal every single day. If you select an express withdraw through PayPal, you will receive your withdraw on the following day! If you select an express withdraw via check, the check will be processed the following business day and overnighted via UPS. There is an additional $10 fee for express Paypal withdraw request and a $24.95 fee to have checks overnighted (overnight check option is for United States residents only). 

Same day withdraws happen even faster than an express withdraw! Same day withdraws are only available via PayPal and cost $24.95 in addition to the $3 processing fee.
You can expect your Same Day withdraw in your PayPal account withing 4-6 hours but we typically process them with in 60 minutes.   


NO. Our policy is, only one account per individual and billing address.  

Unfortunately GamerzPlaza.com is not legal in every state. If you live in Arizona, Iowa and Louisiana you may not play video games for cash prizes. Keep checking back with us, as laws change, we will open up to new states.